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Service Items
Document and patent translation Interpretation and consecutive interpretation services Simultaneous interpretation &Equipment rent: Websites & software localization Listening translation and subtitle and dubbing Certificate translation and seal
Simultaneous interpretation &Equipment rent:

 Simultaneous interpretation &Equipment rent:

 Simultaneous interpretation:

Simultaneous interpretation is an extremely difficult interlingual transformation activity with strict time limitation。 Interpreters have to forecast, understand and remember about source language information and transform into target language。 Meanwhile, they should organize, express, monitor, revise and interpret the target translation synchronously, so simultaneous interpretation is also called synchronous interpretation。 In various international conferences, simultaneous interpreters have become the brilliant star as the source language speaker for their keen mind and impressive interpreting skills in overcoming energy shortage and distribution of attention difficulties caused by multi-tasking mingle, overlapping and interference, which always might not be able to do both listening and interpreting 。

Boyi has a number of senior simultaneous interpreters with different languages from different industrial fields to meet your personalized needs。


Equipment rental service:  

Boyi can provide you with equipment rental service for simultaneous interpretation equipment, audio and video and lighting installations. Our professional staffs will maximize the one-stop solution and offer full-process service including transportation, installation, adjustment,、on-site technical support and withdrawal.“Service first”is the core competitiveness of our company.

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